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Guest Arrival Times by Departure Point

Hi Everyone,

Below is a listing guest arrival times by departure point. 

These times are when you should arrive at the departure point, NOT WHEN THE BUS IS LEAVING!

Please be curtious and arrive at the time provided below to ensure an on-time departure.

FYI: if you are leaving from Mehring Way, that the location is actually 100 West Mehring Way not east as previously posted. This is LOT D for Bengals games near Paul Brown Staidum.
Departure Point Guest Arrival Time
Covington KY 5:40 PM
Downtown - CET 6:25 PM
Downtown - West Mehring Way #1 5:50 PM
Downtown - West Mehring Way #2 5:55 PM
Kenwood 5:30 PM
Mariemont 5:40 PM
Mason 5:00 PM
Northern KY Park n Ride 5:15 PM
Oakley - Crossroads 5:25 PM
Oakley - Meijer 5:30 PM
Pleasant Ridge 5:15 PM
Sharonville 5:15 PM
Walnut Hills 5:35 PM

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